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In the automotive electronics field, the automotive intelligentization trend represented by the continuous increase of ADAS penetration rate is accelerating. In automotive applications, ToF can be used for autopilot, anti-collision automatic braking and OOP as depth ranging such as laser radar and smart camera. The ToF market is continuing to benefit from the most mainstream solutions in the sensor field....

Shanghai Juyou has unique technologies and solutions in deep-range ranging sensors such as laser radar and smart cameras in automotive electronics applications. Torch's 3D ToF technology uses advanced facial recognition algorithms to detect which driver is driving the vehicle. The system automatically adjusts the seat, mirror and interior temperature based on memory. Juyou continued to pay attention to the development of artificial intelligence technology at home and abroad, and studied the application of artificial intelligence technology in intelligent networked vehicles.


OPNOUS as a smart sensing and AI technology development company is presenting globally in China, Japan and USA. The company is focusing on developing smart sensing and AI related system and products.......

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