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Bill Liu from OPNOUS: ToF sensing will move from satisfying basic functions to sensor fusion



         Founded in January 2017, Shanghai Juyou Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “OPNOUS”) is a technology company that develops intelligent sensing and artificial intelligence systems. The company is headquartered in Shanghai and has branches overseas, expanding and supporting domestic and overseas customers and markets at the same time.The company's products include time-of-flight (ToF) sensor chips, modules, systems that support smart terminals, drones, robotics, smart driving, smart spaces, smart security, virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) shopping, and more other applications .Glory Ventures invested in the Pre-A round exclusively.

          On September 10, 2018, at the "24th "Micro-Speaking" Seminar: 3D Vision Technology and Application, hosted by MEMS and Shanghai Science and Technology Exhibition Co., Ltd. at Shanghai International Sourcing Exhibition Center, OPNOUS CEO Mr. Bill Liu gave a speech "Intelligence and Related Applications of ToF".

         3D vision technology is developing rapidly, pulsed ToF sensor will become mainstream

         As an old friend of the "Micro-Speaking" seminar, Mr. Bill Liu felt that the "21st "micro-speaking" seminar: 3D camera technology and application a year ago seems to be yesterday.But over the past year, the OPNOUS team has a deeper understanding of ToF, and has more in-depth thinking about the intelligence and application of ToF.

        OPNOUS not only focuses on sensor chips, but also provides customers with a comprehensive "Turn-key" service with modules, algorithms, software, applications and other partners. Mr. Bill Liu believes that "CMOS-based ToF sensors are cost-effective in terms of performance and cost, and are suitable for system integration. With the rapid development of VCSELs, pulsed ToF sensors is going mainstream."

        The pulsed ToF sensor has obvious advantages, high precision, low power consumption, low BOM (bill of materials), fast response, etc., and high configuration and high integration, which can be customized according to customer needs.

        ToF hardware + GUI software + calibration technology to ensure customer to ramp up

        Mr. Bill Liu introduced that “OPNOUS not only focuses on supplying sensor chips, modules, and overall solutions, but also the corresponding software GUI. We take into account the information mastering and extraction required by users to evaluate ToF sensors during design. "

       OPNOUS has a complete laboratory development center, including calibration of fully automated lidar slides and corresponding optical equipment.Mr. Bill Liu confidently told the audience: “We calibrate the ToF sensor and check modules strictly carefully. Our algorithm is one-third or even less than the traditional algorithm. This is extremely critical for the actual product, especially the implementation of miniaturized modules.” Mr. Bill Liu presented the results of the surface correction and FOV (field of view) correction by his own algorithm.It can be seen that the fitting plan of the original data is not flat, and the degree of curvature is significantly improved after correction.

       Mr. Bill Liu believes that "3D sensing and ToF technology are in their infancy, and the potential of the entire market and technology development will be huge in the future. Now, both ToF technology and its applications are in their infancy, and the performance evaluation of many ToF technologies is still static. The next step is how to make ToF 3D perception more dynamic, and improve the accuracy of ToF sensor and 3D perception under the premise of dynamic perception. Then the smarter sensor, that is, the premise of realizing dynamic perception needs a large number of algorithms processing. The final stage is the fusion of ToF sensors with other sensors. We believe that the intelligence of 3D perception comes from the intelligence of the sensor itself, the second is from the intelligence of processing, and the third is the intelligence of the light source. The fourth aspect is the intelligence combined with other sensors."


OPNOUS as a smart sensing and AI technology development company is presenting globally in China, Japan and USA. The company is focusing on developing smart sensing and AI related system and products.......

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