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Dragonfly is an all-in-one, low cost, flexible and easy to use 3D ToF(Time-of-Flight) solution for IoT applications.It consists of an on-board 100x100 array ToF sensor -- OPN8001 and ToF processor -- OPN6002, which combines ToF sensing , ToF signal processing and application algorithm on a single board. It integrates algorithms for specific applications, such like range finding, multi-zone human sensing, posture monitoring, gesture control, keystone correction... These features are widely used in IoT applications like white goods, Laser TV, smart projector, smart illumination, smart parking, smart home facilities...

—— Highlights

      ●   Best ToF solution over performance and cost

           - 100x100 resolution provides more details than legacy 8x8 array while keeping lower cost than higher resolution arrays.
           - 70x70 FoV fits for more application scenarios
      ●   Built-in ToF processor - OPN6002
           - No extra AP/MCU is needed
           - Typical IoT application algorithms are integrated
           - Customized algorithm may be deployed to further expand system capability
      ●   Easy system integration
           - Only single 5V power supply is needed
           - Supports UART/SPI/I2C/GPIO as communication and control interfaces
           - FoV could be expanded by simple UART cascading

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