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OPNOUS exhibits are very popular


Full schedule
What have we experienced in those three days?
What are the fun things?
Let's take a look~

Product live show
OPNOUS exhibited products:
● VGA ToF solution

●  ToF solutions for embedded platforms such as HiSilicon, Rockchip, Qualcomm, Raspberry Pi, mobile phones, PAD, security, TV, robots and other fields

● ToF-based robot navigation obstacle avoidance solution

Used for 3D recognition and obstacle avoidance of sweeping robots,

The 3D TOF sensor can enhance the obstacle avoidance effect,

Reduce AP computing power,

Complement RGB's recognition ability in low illumination,

Development of obstacle avoidance algorithms for sweeping robots

Increase the universality of TOF and lower the threshold for use

● HAWK remote ToF platform

Range: 15m

FoV: 24 ̊ x 18 ̊

Working wavelength: 940 nm

Application scenario: Security

●  ToF-based volume measurement solution

Used in warehousing and logistics industry

Such as logistics and express sorting centers, intelligent agricultural and animal husbandry granaries

At the same time exhibited the products of partners Aixin Intelligent, LIPS and Vision:

● Gesture recognition solution
IOT, consumer electronics, automotive and other fields use gestures and machines for non-contact interaction,
Can replace voice or manual buttons

● Passenger flow statistics program

Scenario applications such as shopping malls, bus systems, elevators, etc.

Count the passenger flow of shopping malls and the number of passengers on public transportation

● Face recognition and smart door lock solution

Door lock scenes for residences, apartments, hotels, safes, etc.

3D TOF dynamic live detection and face recognition,

Prevent all kinds of false attacks such as photos, head models, masks, etc.

Millisecond unlocking, fast and non-inductive, low power consumption

Support strong light, dark light environment,

Support millions-level sensorless recognition in the cloud

Speech scene-ToF 3D super perception vision

At the same time as the 22nd China International Optoelectronic Expo, Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center also hosted the Mobile Robot 3D Vision Forum. The forum mainly discusses 3D vision technology innovation and its application prospects and challenges on mobile robots. Ju You delivered a speech-ToF 3D Super Perceptual Vision.

Booth interview

In addition, the Shenzhen office has also completed its relocation. The new address is 3207, Block B, Dachong Business Center, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. Welcome to our new office

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OPNOUS as a smart sensing and AI technology development company is presenting globally in China, Japan and USA. The company is focusing on developing smart sensing and AI related system and products.......

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