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Opnous launches a new generation of high-performance VCSEL laser driver chip OPN7011


OPNOUS, a provider of 3D TOF chips and system solutions, has recently launched a new generation of high-performance VCSEL laser driver chip OPN7011. OPN7011 continues the strong drive capability of the previous generation driver chip 10A / 12V, and enhances the input signal frequency support to 200MHz , Can fully cover the lighting requirements of various 3D TOF sensing solutions such as Pulse-TOF, CW-TOF, D-TOF. OPN7011 integrated security protection mechanism is more complete than the previous generation driver chip, ensuring laser eye safety level of TOF products Reached Class 1. OPN7011 adds SPI support and is compatible with the pin of the previous generation product. The hardware design can be seamlessly upgraded, which will greatly facilitate the development of TOF products for customers.

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