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OPNOUS TOF technology fighting the disease of 2019-nCoV


In the epidemic prevention war, some high-tech equipment played a huge role. Let us look at the areas in which OPNOUS ToF technology has shown its strength and actively help high-tech war epidemics.

1.       Smart Robotics

The strong demand for epidemic isolation has given rise to the explosion of demand for many intelligent robots: automatic distribution, intelligent guidance, isolation ward services, disinfection and cleaning, and epidemic inspection are widely used in many application areas. OPNOUS ToF 3D sensing technology has given A variety of intelligent robots' wisdom eyes, enabling them to efficiently complete tasks such as personnel following, air gesture interaction, environmental awareness and obstacle avoidance, location mapping, line inspection and autonomous navigation. With OPNOUS's unique Multi-device Interference Free Technology, effectively achieve the efficient collaboration of a large number of robots in the same area, and work together to complete the important task of anti-epidemic.


2.       Drones

Shouts, inspections, disinfection spraying, material transportation, mapping modeling, remote temperature measurement ... Epidemics have extended the application of drones to residential communities. Complex and changing scenes, periodic architectural texture features, all-weather work requirements, these Both make traditional UAV obstacle avoidance solutions based on visible vision technology and radar technology ineffective. OPNOUS ToF sensing technology makes up for these application defects, with a detection range of more than 20 meters and excellent dynamic range, ToF 3D transmission Assist the drone to fly safely in the residential area and complete its mission efficiently.


3.       Flow statistics

In hospitals, transportation hubs, shopping malls, office buildings and other densely populated places, the flow statistics solution based on OPNOUS ToF 3D sensing technology combined with remote temperature measurement technology achieves high-efficiency and high-precision flow statistics, temperature measurement, area counting, density analysis, personnel Tracking and other functions, and provide solid and reliable support for management decisions based on big data analysis. Compared to traditional vision solutions, the ToF solution maintains high measurement accuracy in extreme application scenarios such as outdoor backlighting and low night illumination, ensuring full weather Scene works.


4.       Access Control

The intelligent access control gate system based on OPNOUS ToF technology can realize mask wearing monitoring, automatic alarm, and active epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, 3D living anti-counterfeiting identification through personnel identity can effectively achieve 24 hours, 24/7 supervision and fully grasp dynamic epidemic situation monitoring data.


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