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Twenty-eighth "Wei Yan Da Yi", Opnous talk about Dynamic ToF IC and System



On December 19, 2019, "The 28th" Wei Yan Da Yi "Seminar: Lidar Technology and Application" was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

Opnous proposed: "High Sensitivity, High Precision, Long Distance Dynamic ToF IC and System"


 Mr. Mei Jian demonstrates the performance of dynamic ToF solutions


Mr. Mei Jian introduced "Opnous takes ToF image sensor, laser driver, and ToF image processor as its three core elements, and cooperates with domestic and foreign laser and lens manufacturers to build a complete dynamic ToF system for lidar.

"Family Portrait" of Opnous Products


At this seminar, Mr. Mei Jian demonstrated the performance of three new products of Opnous


(1) High-sensitivity ToF sensor OPN8009: Compared to the previous generation OPN8008, the sensitivity of the OPN8009 in the 850nm and 940nm bands has increased by 80%. Under the same power consumption, using the OPN8009 module can improve the measurement accuracy by 30%; to achieve the same measurement accuracy, using the OPN8009 module can reduce the power consumption by 42%. OPN8009 is suitable for long-distance, low-power applications.

Performance advantages of high-sensitivity ToF sensor OPN8009


(2) High-precision long-distance ToF solution: For ToF applications in the current market such as pan-security, drones, automatic guided vehicles (AGV) / robots, etc. (referring to 10-20 meters here), the ToF solution has a pure Solid, compact, and low cost. To this end, Opnous Intelligent developed a set of high-precision long-distance ToF solutions, using the configuration of "high-sensitivity OPN8009 + laser driver OPN700X", ranging up to 10 meters (according to actual needs, there are opportunities to continue to expand), indoor ( @ 1klux) ranging accuracy is 1%, outdoor (@ 20klux) ranging accuracy is 3%.

Performance Overview of High Precision Long Distance ToF Solution Launched by Opnous


(3) VGA ToF sensor OPN8018: resolution of 640 x 480, effective pixel size of 4.48 x 3.36 mm2, designed to meet customers' needs for higher resolution and smaller size.



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