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Intuitive ToF debuted on The twenty-sixth "Wei Yan Da Yi", solving many problems of ToF technology



       According to the report of MEMS, with the landing of 5G technology, the “futuristic” Internet of Things application is turning from concept to reality. As one of the core technologies of perception, 3D sensing brings the "super power" of the smart world to the Internet of Things application in the 5G era. And time-of-flight (ToF) technology has more imagination.What kind of ToF technology should be? Dynamic ToF? 4D ToF? Intuitive ToF? Mr. Bill Liu, CEO of OPNOUS, keeps thinking about it all the time. And he shared the up-to-date insights at the twenty-sixth session "Micro-speaking" series activities: 3D vision technology and applications (consumer field) held in Shanghai on September 3 this year!

      See the good prospects of ToF application from Huawei Cyberverse

      At the beginning of the speech, Mr. Bill Liu talked about the Cyberverse concept released by Huawei recently.The Cyberverse concept, the so-called real life digitalization, can realize more applications through the development of 5G.

      3D sensing is definitely the core technology in the process of implementing Cyberverse and transforming from the analog world to the digital world.3D sensing has been used in a variety of applications, including smart homes, smart phones, wearable devices, etc., and OPNOUS is the enterprise committing the innovation of sensor chips and system integration required by 3D sensing.Mr. Bill Liu introduced that OPNOUS have a comprehensive layout, not only sensors and core chips, but also algorithms, software, applications, optical design .


       Reality is still skinny: Analysis of ToF technical problems

       ToF technology is not a new technology, but only stays in the research stage for a long time.In the 1990s, especially after 2000, with the development of chip technology, ToF technology has become more and more popular, especially in the last three years, with the advancement of smartphones such as Huawei and Apple, ToF technology has received more and more attention.

      Mr. Bill Liu said sincerely, “ToF technology is really beautiful, and it will be better and better, but the reality is still very skinny. We believe that we can do well, and the most important thing is to focus on the technical problems rather than advantages. There is still a small gap ahead of technology.  We need to discuss together about how do we cross the chasm."

     Based on the practice of OPNOUS in recent years, Mr. Bill Liu summarized several problems faced by ToF technology: reflectivity, MPI (Multi Path Interference), accuracy and so on.As an innovative company focused on ToF technology development, OPNOUS is the first to introduce Intuitive ToF. Mr. Bill Liu explained: “How can we solve the above ToF problem better through intelligent control and high-sensitivity processing? Initially, we developed comprehensively and systematacially in pixels, sensor chips, lighting control, etc., and built corresponding developing  Team.” “Everyone is talking about the problems that iToF (Editor's Note: Indirect Flight Time


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